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Welcome youth water polo parents, coaches and fans! Liberty Mutual Insurance is proud to partner with USA Water Polo to bring the youth water polo community the Play Positive™ program. Whether you volunteer as a coach or root for your kids from the stands, Play Positive™ gives you the tools, resources, tips and advice you need to help kids experience the best that youth sports have to offer.

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TAKE 5 with USA Water Polo's Tony Azevedo

Tony Azevedo comes from a storied family of water polo players. His family does their best to separate 'normal life' and water polo when they are not competing, and he looks forward to long dinners where nobody talks polo.

TAKE 5 with USA Water Polo's Jillian Kraus

Jillian Kraus remembers always trying to run the farthest, swim the fastest, and jump the highest as a kid and how she still has that mentality as she tries to achieve her personal best.

Why Play Youth Sports?

The lifelong friends you’ve made. The coaches you will never forget. The fun you had with the teammates who taught you there is more to sports than wins and losses. These are just a few of the reasons why you wouldn’t trade your youth sports experiences for anything in the world. But will your children enjoy similar experiences?

TAKE 5 with USA Water Polo's Kami Craig

Kami Craig has been swimming since she was 4-years old. When she decided to try water polo, swimming and the other sports she tried as a kid helped prepare her for the challenge of the game.

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