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At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we look for ways to champion and celebrate sportsmanship in youth sports and in the communities we so proudly serve. Our signature programs include Pledge and Team Parent Survey.


    Our latest program, seeks to continue that tradition of rewarding teams who demonstrate a commitment to sportsmanship and playing positive.

    During each Pledge period, youth sports teams from around the country compete to rally their supporters to Pledge to promote good sportsmanship. At the end of the period, the five Large Division teams and the five Small Division teams with the most Pledges will each earn $2,500 to help support their team. In the past, teams have used the monies to fund player scholarships, purchase new uniforms or equipment, pay for team travel expenses, or create opportunities for underprivileged kids in the area who want to play.

    Team Parent Survey

    Developed in partnership with the experts at Positive Coaching Alliance, youth sport coaches are able to get feedback from parents on their child’s youth sports experience.

    This free, easy-to-use, online tool allows youth sport coaches to can gain valuable insights into parents overall satisfaction and identify areas to be celebrated as well as areas of improvement. Why Survey?

    By providing a structured and formal process for parents to provide feedback and establishing an evaluation culture for coaches and administrators, organizations find greater cohesion and overall a more positive sport environment.

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Each week, subscribers to Weekly Parent Tips receive an email with a quick tip to help keep your kids focused, motivated and happy as they go through their youth sports experience.

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