What Shapes A Person's Attitude


Coach Mike Candrea and Team USA

As September rolls in and a new year begins whether it is school, a new team, or the chance for a new start – optimism is rolling high that the coming year will be different and more successful.  It is also a time when I cherish the new found attitude of my players as they come back for a summer break and from hours of hard work to make this year better than the last.  The true foundation of this new refreshed feeling is basically a new attitude. An attitude that is not clogged with misery of defeat or lack of performance, but an attitude built around positivity, optimism, and an eagerness to get back on the field and begin the process once again.
Attitudes are not shaped every September!  People are born with certain characteristics and those ultimately impact their attitude.  There are many factors that play an even greater role in people’s lives and directly form their attitude. There are times in our life that these factors make the greatest impression.  As coaches, parents, and even teammates, it is important that we understand these factors that shape attitudes.  I always demand my players to control their attitude, effort, and focus.  We all want to surround ourselves with players with great attitudes, but just like the game we play or coach – it is a process.
As most of us are dealing with ages 11-21, a factor we must not take lightly as coaches or parents is association with peers. As a parent, I understand that truth becomes evident when children go to school.  No longer can parents control their children’s environment.  I now realize that most of my major decisions as a young boy were influenced by my parent’s teachings and the people a chose to be in my inner circle.  It has been said that you become most like the 5 people you spend the most time with!  Parents need to take more charge in guiding our young people when selecting our inner circle along with another factor at this age and that is appearance.  Our society today lacks discipline, respect for others, work ethic and many of the founding principles that helped build this great country we live in today.  Parents, coaches, and teammates have the obligation to protect our inner circle and continue to hold our young people to higher standards.  I know the people in my life that were instrumental in shaping me as a young person and realize today the tremendous effect they have had on my life and coaching career.  Are you ready to be a part of someone’s inner circle and make an impact that will last a lifetime? As coaches, parents or friends, we have an obligation to guide young people and help shape their attitudes and ultimately their life.

Coach Mike Candrea

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